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Another big challenge - Google Analytics

Although, at this moment, I had only 1 sale, the knowledge I had gained was way more than the money I had lost and spent. I was loving my new page.

My world was changing so fast every day – a never-ending learning path. I felt like each day, I was smarter than the day before 😂. 

One day, I noticed that my homepage title on Shopify was different from that on Facebook and Google search. I wondered why and so connected to my beloved help center - Shopify. 

google recrawl

Google recrawl

I had never known or cared about how Google runs behind the scenes but I do now. There is such a thing as a "recrawl." If there are changes on the site, Google does not automatically update the search engine results. They have to perform the recrawl process so that they will see these changes and only then will they be able to update their system with the change.

Rechelle Anne Q - the Shopify guru – sent me this link👇🏼.

google recrawl

Sigh, I knew she couldn't help me further, I needed to do it myself. As expected, I couldn't do it.

I must go to my savior - Bahi. He, thru screen share, found out that I had set up Google Search Console for "" but not for "," and we went to my domain registrar and did some setup first to verify my ownership of the domain. (I remember back then when I started up this online store, Bahi and Bobo told me to get a domain name and I didn't know what they were talking about. A domain name? I knew my name, his name and her name but not domain names. It took them some time to explain it to me😅.)

google recrawl

How would I know what to do if not with Bahi's help? Sometimes I really hate English abbreviations: DNS - domain name system, what does it mean to a layman? Do Not Sign? Do Not Stop? Or Do Not Sit? I can imagine millions of interpretations.

He also told me about the functionality of Google Analytics and Google Search Console, though I have forgotten most of them now. Anyway, that was my website analytics.

Looking at these two screens and the statistics made me faint. I knew a certificate or a course was ahead of me. I needed to upgrade myself in order to fully make the best use of these powerful tools.

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