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Facebook Help Center SUCKS - Part 1

I believe most people who are trying to run Ads on Facebook have experienced how SUCKY the FacbBook help center is. Give me a thumbs-up if you 100% agree with me.

At the beginning of the store set-up, I opened a new Facebook account with a new email address. I just didn't want my FB friends to know that I was gonna run an online store. People added many friends that they weren't even close with when FB burst out and so did I. A few days later, FB blocked my new account, sent me an email and asked for a facial authentication. I was gonna upload the picture of Winnie the Pooh (or Winnie the Flu now), remembering that Zuckerberg wanted to butter up Xi before and that may help re-open my account but, of course, my wish failed. A few days later, they informed me that my account was closed permanently because I couldn't have 2 FB accounts. I need to confide that I wasn't used to searching everything on Google at that stage. That led to many problems thereafter. 

Following many YouTube gurus on how to set up things to me feels like using GPS: although I get to the destination, I lose my sense of direction. Most of the gurus teach bits and pieces. They won't give the whole picture because all they want is for their courses to be sold and all I want is to not pay them until I am sure that guru can really help with what I want (I will talk about a few Shopify gurus that I have encountered in another post).

Anyway, at that stage, I was so confused, too, so whatever accounts they told me to open, I opened: Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Telegram, Instagram, a Facebook page, a Facebook Business page........., I didn't know what a Facebook Business Manager (BM) account did but I opened one anyway. I have never had so many passwords to remember.

Here came my disaster with FB: I bungled the set-up on the FB business manager and the FB page. That's me – I am not a tech person🥴. Not knowing that the username is unchangeable like your identity number and is very crucial to the store, I deleted the old FB page on FB business manager. Deleting and recovering a page shouldn't be a problem, I thought.

However, I couldn't retrieve the page. So I created another FB page, just like opening another Gmail account. I set up almost everything on the 2nd FB page, and then I found out the username on my 1st FB page was stuck there forever so I couldn't use it for my 2nd page😫. The worst was yet to come: I also created another FB business manager account, assuming the new FB page needed a new FB business manager account.  (I know I should have done more research.) In the end, I had 2 FB Business Manager accounts and 2 FB pages. Each business account had its own Isle of T FB page. The complication is that my first Business Manager account - isle.oft (see the picture below) – owned my 1st FB page which, as mentioned before, I couldn't add the page back to. (I don't know why.)

You can't find any solutions from the standard answers of FB Help Center – those standard answers are for normal people but not me. So I added the 1st FB page to the 2nd Business Manager account - Isle Of T – but this 2nd BM account didn't own the 1st FB page for God knows what reason. Sigh😢, I had done most of the settings on the 2nd FB page of which I couldn't use the company name as my username, and I didn't want to re-do everything on the 1st FB page.


The logo and the store name of the two pages were identical before, to save my life, I changed the unwanted one to an "I."


This time, I tried hard searching online and found that I can merge the two FB pages. I innocently thought that would save my life, yet the most complicated scenarios were waiting for me ahead. I found this unsolved question posted in 2018, 2 years ago👇🏼.

I was so helpless that I turned to my saviour, my private guru – Bahi – who never FB but is a Jack of all trades. I don't wanna bother him if it's not the end of the world. He used screen share (this is an Apple unique feature, thanks to Apple, it saved my life) to help me fix the ownership of each page.

This process wasn't as easy as you think, because my page names were identical that caused quite a confusion and the settings in the Business Manager accounts are daunting so we spent over an hour with this 'merge accounts' issue. I don't remember how he fixed it, I was just sitting in front of my computer and watching a mouse moving around on my computer without my hands touching the keyboard or my mouse. We fixed what FB help center told us to do before merging the accounts. Then we did the merge again, and here was the message we got👇🏼.

What? These Pages can't be merged because either Isle Of T or Isle Of T is the primary Page of my 2nd Business Manager. If I could connect with a live human being from FB Help Center, I would have sent them to the Promised Land😡. So we opened a Temp page to be the primary Page of my BM account.  As a result, a new error message saying that the pages couldn't be merged because they weren't eligible without providing me any further explanations or instructions, PERIOD. I wish I had a screenshot of that message. 

I reached out FB help center. All they provide are the standard answers for the standard questions. I couldn't reach a live human being like Shopify does to seek help for a specific problem I have encountered, I emailed them many times, but NO REPLY, NO REPLY. 

Facebook Help Center so SUCKS😡😡😡😡😡.

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