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Facebook Help Center SUCKS - Part 2

In Facebook Help Center SUCKS – Part 1, I shared my awful experience of setting up Facebook pages and Facebook Business Manager accounts. I couldn't open another FB account; I opened two FB pages and wanted to merge them but couldn't because one of my Isle of T pages was the primary page of a Business Manager account. Thus, I created a temp page to take over the role of the primary page, but the pages still couldn't be merged because they 'weren't eligible' – no further explanation given.

Facebook Help center offered no help at all.

So I had no choice but to rebuild my 1st FB page. Since my Shopify account and Facebook pixel were linked to the 2nd FB page, I needed to reconnect my 1st FB page to Shopify.  You can guess what happened.

I didn't know what had gone wrong so I sought help from my beloved Shopify Help Center. This time, Adrian C was my Shopify guru. He asked me to check whether or not I had admin access for the account. I thought: of course I have admin access for the account because I created the page and claimed the ownership back again with Bahi's help. Anyway, I listened to Adrian C. and went to check. I was NOT the admin of my Page and in fact, nobody was. The bizarre thing was that I could assign my daughter to be an admin while not an admin myself.

When I was doing this connection, my daughter was still in school so Adrian C. was helping me patiently to become the admin again. I uploaded screenshots of what I had on the FB page to give him a clear picture on my side, since he had no access to my page. This was the first one👇🏼I sent to him: "I think this is not me, I can't do anything."

I tried to assign myself the admin role but I had disappeared from the FB world👇🏼.

Can you feel my frustration? My daughter finally accepted my admin invitation and she then tried to assign me to be an admin again........., but I couldn't be added.

I didn't assign myself to be the jobs manager. Well, to make it short, I managed after fixing this and that. I successfully removed the temp page but couldn't remove the 2nd FB page since it was linked to my Instagram business profile. To remove this page from Business Manager, I needed to do a bunch of steps. I quit! Let the page be on the Facebook Business Manager account till I die!

Nonetheless, I removed my 2nd FB page on my personal account, and FB gave me a 14-day cooling-off period.

This trauma happened a month before I started to write my blog. I wanted to make sure I didn't give out wrong info here so I just tried to merge the accounts again and this time, the pages merged successfully – yet Isle of T is the primary page of my Business Manager page. Isn't it bizarre?



In conclusion, Facebook Help Center SUCKS 😡😡😡😡😡.

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  • Totally agree that FB help center sucks.😡😡


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