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My Headache

First of all, thanks to Bahi's inspiration and encouragement or else I will never think of writing a blog because I don't know what to write.

Reading others' blogs, they are mostly informative and helpful and I am not an English native speaker. How will people read my blog and understand what the heck I try to say or how I express myself in another language?

Up to this point, if you are still reading my blog, million thanks are given to YOU.

My nightmares started in Aug 2019. It was all because of an ad from Shopify about POD. I then started to think of doing an online business. Not because I wanted to be a millionaire like those gurus you watched on Youtube. It's all because my family situations: my daughter has ED, my son has LD and my "husband" has depression. Opening an online store seemed to be the only option I have. 

Little did I know that opening an online store is not as easy as those Youtube gurus claimed it to be. I was trapped. I don't know there are a lot happening behind the scenes. I know how to do online shopping but not to build one. I am completely a technology and computer idiot and I don't know any internet terminologies, nor have any business experience, I am just a housewife who now needs to earn money for living. Hence, I have made so many idiot mistakes that I don't think anyone else will do. That's the reason I want to share all my difficulties, hardships and bitterness when building this online store. The process is full of tears and laughters, and yet the nightmare is still ongoing. I still have many challenges to face.

At the beginning of setting up the Shopify store, I watched a lots of videos on youtube on how to build one. Bit by bit, step by step, there you go, I built my first online store on Shopify. Wow, that was easy.............. 

I planned on open a POD store, but a Shopify guru said it was no good to build a niche store as a beginner, so I listened to him and changed my mind of doing POD. I started to shop on Aliexpress, I know I am weird, by shopping and downloading the apparel already made my days. I felt like I have already owned those products. Gosh, I download many clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, you name it, I have downloaded them all. I was too busy with those products collection and presentation. Here comes with my FIRST challenge, my pictures of those products weren't standardized, my product page looked so ugly, I needed to fix it. I don't know how I encountered to know CANVA, perhaps I heard this name from one of the gurus, I don't know why I had this idea that Canva may help fixing the size of my product pictures. Anyway, Canva asked what dimensions I want to have, here came with the first word I needed to learn - "px", what's "px".

 What? Post Exchange? God, help me. I then tried to be more specific. 

Now, I got to understand a little bit about this PX. It's about the quality of a picture, but I still didn't know what figures I should put in the "custom dimension" box after I read the whole article. So I searched it online again and again, I don't remember how I came up with this dimension 850 x 850, it must be from one of the gurus again.  Now my site looked better, the size of every product picture was identical.

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