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My Frustration Choosing YouTube Gurus

Before building this online store, I was just an ordinary housewife who only used her smartphone for WhatsApp, Facebook, news, email and shopping at G-market (a Korean online platform like Amazon). That's how I used my smartphone. I didn't even use it to watch YouTube - especially in public areas – because I found that strangers near me would peek at what I was watching and then watch it with me on my phone. 

I have zero background in the tech/internet world so when I tried to understand online marketing, I faced many frustrations, especially with the internet terminology. I read an article talking about How to drive organic traffic to you website. English native speakers would have no problem understanding these 8 words but not me. I knew about organic food and organic farming. I knew about traffic light and traffic jams. But organic traffic? I knew how to drive a car or how my kids drive me nuts, but didn't know how to drive "traffic."

Or How to make an attractive thumbnail. Were they talking about the thumbnails on my hands? Why were they talking manicures when I didn't see anything about nails. These were a few headache-including but funny examples on my learning path. I had to search online to find out the meanings behind them first. I believe I will confront more terminology problems as this internet world is deeper than the sea and with infinite boundaries.

After I watched the Shopify ads, I searched for "Shopify online" on Youtube, and was overwhelmed by tons of videos about Shopify or Shopify POD. Whose videos should I choose to watch? I don't know why but I ended up choosing an India guy with a heavy accent as my first guru. He didn't look at all like Amir Khan, my Indian idol, and English is not my mother language so watching his channel was so difficult. I surprised myself by managing to watch a few of them, but I couldn't further my learning with him. 

I searched and randomly clicked on a video of a young kid - S.G. (Perhaps it was his video's title that captured my attention. Actually as I watched more videos on Youtube, I realized they all had similar titles - I was so dumb back then.) Anyway, he also looked kinda cute and innocent and, most importantly, he spoke fluent American English, so I could understand him. He also said he was giving out valuable information for FREE in his videos and as a newbie, I truly trusted him. He did share some phycological tricks on how to increase sales but he didn't teach me how to drive people to my website or how to do Facebook ads, etc. Only if I bought his courses would I have more in-depth knowledge and techniques about online businesses. But I was not yet ready to buy.

I later searched for another guru whom S.G. had mentioned in his videos. Gabriel St-Germain looked low profile and didn't show off his high-ticket belongings like most other gurus do at the beginning of their videos. He is also a good looking kid😆. But his sharing seemed a bit further advanced to me. I remember one time, I even jotted down every single word he said and then asked my daughter what it all meant. Most of his content was like an alien language to me, though he spoke fluent English. For instance, he said "one ad set for each ad, so one ad set with one ad in each ad set; customize your column set, add VC, ATC, IC, PUR columns." Oh my gosh, what's ad set? What are VC, ATC, IC, PUR? I couldn't understand most of what he shared but I read thru the comments from his videos where people kept saying his info was worthwhile and that he could have kept the info to earn money. He does offer a course which costs very little but on a higher level. I definitely will go back to him when I become more advanced. 

Gabriel St-Germain's Youtube channel:

I don't want to waste time listening to the same thing over and over again by different people. I got better at choosing Youtube gurus by looking at their thumbnails, titles and their presentation in the first few seconds of the video and how many views and followers they had. Last but not least, are they attractive🤣? I then encountered K.D. I believe that he has mastered the game of ads on Facebook or digital marketing. He is a typical salesperson but he does want his students to be successful, according to his students' comments. However, his courses are very expensive and that freaked me out.

I remember one chilling midnight, I was lying in my cozy bed, watching his video and learned that he was gonna give out a free training in a minute thru a webinar. I was still naive enough to believe there was such a thing as a free lunch. Due to human's greedy nature, I reluctantly crawled out of my bed to the living room and prepared to receive his free training. He also mentioned that if I were to listen to the end, I may be able to win a prize. (I don't remember what it was - something like an iPad.) Over the course of 45 minutes, he kept on saying how great he was and how I should believe in myself and get out of my comfort zone, blah, blah, blah, all sales talk. I looked at the clock: 45 minutes had passed, I wanted to leave but I also wanted to win the prize 😅, so I hung in there for another 10 minutes - but it was another 10 minutes of sales talk. He is gifted at talking about the same content in a lot of different ways. At last, I gave up and went back to sleep.

Searching online about a Shopify online business or for videos on how to make Facebook ads is like sailing in the ocean without a compass: you need to buy one from one of the gurus to keep on sailing, or else you will get lost. 

Finally, I found a web that will teach me all the basic knowledge. As I mentioned on my first blog post, I started this blog only to share my struggles in building this online store, I feel I don't yet have much valuable info to share except that, if you have come with me this far , you should try ADEspresso Their explanation of Facebook ads is detailed and I learned a lot from it. 

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