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Store style changed

My original plan to build a POD store was because of my daughter. You know, a child's artworks to a parent's eye are always masterpieces🤣. My daughter learned drawing only for 1 year at age 6. When she was hospitalized for 4 months at age 14, she was bored to death. All she could do was EAT and EAT, so she started to draw something to kill time. I admired her talent so I kept all her drawings as my treasures. When I planned to open the POD store, I thought those masterpieces could be useful for T-shirts or mugs or whatever product is printable. I also wanted to build up her self-esteem through this. But then, one of the Shopify gurus said it was not wise to build a niche store as a beginner, I struggled over which store type I should build, then created my own style of store type - a hybrid store🤣😅. I was hoping that selling my daughter's designs as a side-business on my generic store may work, and I was able to keep my original wish.

My friend Helen, who knows a bit of my family situation, was very supportive. She learned I was starting up an online store one night and the next morning, I received my first order ever 😭. She bought 2 mugs which had my daughter's art on. I know she has tons of mugs at home, I don't think the mugs can save her life like surgical masks or hand sanitizers do (Wuhan coronavirus is outbreaking at this moment) that she needed to order them right away, instead, she just wanted to support me and my daughter. However, this order brought me my first problem, or I should thank her that I discovered the hybrid store problem from this order.

Setting up this online store is already a headache to me. In order to reduce my workload, I offered FREE shipping around the world. Her order was a POD product. When I installed the POD company's app, the shipping profile of this company was installed automatically to my original shipping profile so my shipping setting became a mess and I wasn't aware of it. Helen was charged a shipping cost yet a banner on my store offered "free shipping around the world." It was very confusing to customers. I ended up refunding the shipping cost to her but still needed to pay the shipping cost to my POD company whereas the shipping is a lot higher than my other suppliers in the generic store.



Plus the 15% discount I offered, I lost money in my first order in life 🙄. Well, this is a worthwhile lesson, READ carefully about everything you gonna install, but I have already installed many apps before this problem was found and of course, some other problems occurred later. In fact, I never like to read instruction manuals. 

So, at that moment, I paused everything I did, and pondered over what type of store I should really focus on: a generic store or a POD store.

Meanwhile, there were a lot happening in the world. Hong Kong, one of my loved cities, was having many pro-democracy protests against the extradition bills and the government; it was wrenching to watch how the protesters have been beaten and attacked with tear gas, rubber bullets, batons and guns for seeking freedom from Chinese domination. Later, the NBA bowed down to Beijing, instead of supporting the Hong Kong protesters – it really disappointed me. I don't want to do business with Aliexpress, which is from China. I didn't have any orders as of yet 🤣. I know I am a small potato, and it's really hard in reality that you avoid buying China products because Made in CHINA saves you money. Sigh😓. So I decide that as far as I can control it, I don't want my realm to be involved directly with China.

It was so hard for me to pull down everything I built in my store and change to a new one. I felt bad for whoever has helped me building the site. Bobo, a computer guru, she helped me fixing the grids of product description boxes; Joanny, a fashion guru, she helped me naming the products and the color more professionally.

All in all, my conscience never lets me bow down to China authoritarian regimes. I CHANGED my store type. 

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