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The dumb questions

This is the second day after my first blog post was written, I tried to publish my post. As usual, a dummy like me needed help again. So I contacted my favourite help center - Shopify. I really admire their service center, it's 24/7, help is anywhere and anytime. Compared to FB help center, FB help center sucks, really sucks, whereas most of the Shopify gurus are super helpful. I love them. If you are considering opening an online store, Shopify is one of the best choices. 

This is one of the dumb conversations I had with Shopify gurus. More will come later.

Here are some of my conversion with Kathy S., a Shopify guru.

My real name is a mystery.  

Step by step, Kathy needed to use screenshots to tell me how to change the author name.  Afterwards, ......

More challenges to Kathy's patience. She must have lots of light bulbs on her head and so did I.  

End up she made this for me. All my lightbulbs were off at this point.

She knows whom she is dealing with now.

Little does she know, every suggestion she gives me brings me more dumb questions.

There were many more dumb questions bombing to Kathy, I felt so bad for her, but she was my only hope at that moment.  I needed to understand of how to post my posts.  When I thought I was all clear and about to say goodbye to her...........but

To make the story short,  she uploaded more videos for me to follow thru.  I was good to go finally.  

😎 Thanks Kathy S. for your wonderful support, you are super patient and helpful.  

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