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The Ideas Behind

There is a story behind every design. Here are some of my picks. Would you like to get one?

 Rat has feelings too

Wanna piece of me?

This design was created by my beloved daughter, who was hospitalized for 4 months due to anorexia nervosa. She drew many things to kill time back then. One day, a little girl in the bed next to hers asked her for a drawing of a cat and a mouse. She was expecting the cat to catch a mouse, but instead, my daughter came up with this bizarre drawing. The mouse uses a slice of cheese to catch the cat. 

The world has gone crazy – just like this image.

beauty starts....

Mirror Mirror On the Wall.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing something that isn’t really there – an image that doesn’t represent reality. This is an everyday occurrence for the individual struggling with anorexia nervosa. 

This quote is dedicated to people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa. 

BEAUTY STARTS IN YOUR HEAD, not in your mirror.

Yin Yang T

Glory to Hong Kong

This design is inspired by the song "Glory to Hong Kong". There is a line - break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong. The hope of freedom is little as of yet but Hong Kong people will never give up: they will continuously fight for true autonomy. Dawn will soon come and is coming. 

Five Demands, Not One Less. 



knock'em dead

Kncok'em Dead

This man is not Darth Vader but Marco Leung, who unfurled a banner from an elevated podium at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. The banner read “No extradition to China; total withdrawal of the extradition bill; we are not rioters; release the students and injured; Carrie Lam steps down; help Hong Kong.” Leung plunged to his death protesting against the controversial extradition bill.

The umbrella and the yellow helmet have been used by protestors to shield against pepper spray, tear gas and the brutal attack of the police, thus becoming political symbols of resistance.

Black hole T shirt

Be aware

Black holes are anything but empty space. People can't see them – they are invisible. However, a black hole has such a strong gravitational pull that all of the nearby light is drawn into its centre; that is how scientists can see how strongly the black hole affects the stars and gases around it.

Today, China is the world's second largest economy. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) puts China at the commanding centre of global economic and geopolitical relationships.

  • Many countries are now heavily reliant upon China for economic growth through BRI investments in infrastructure, trade, science, technology, and military projects.
  • Beijing is using that lever of power to influence its foreign policy and domestic decision-making.
  • The result: You see what has happened to WHO, NBA and the consequences to the world now. 
I just wanna sleep

I Just Wanna Sleep

This has been my desire for many years. I suffer from insomnia due to many different issues. 

I want to have a nice and deep sleep with my soul alive 😴😁.

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