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My first experience on Fiverr

As I have mentioned before, I changed my store into a POD store. I now needed to come up with some designs for my products - I couldn't print the two designs from my daughter on every item of apparel.

My ideas usually come when I am in the bathroom because that's the only quiet time I have. One day, many slogans flooded my head, so I immediately jotted them down and tried to think about what kinda designs would fit them. Some of them were inspired by the Hong Kong people who fought for real autonomy and thus, those designs would be dedicated to them if they ever liked them.

Obviously, I couldn't draw. Bahi introduced me to Fiverr and I was overwhelmed by numerous designers and their terminologies - typography, AI, EPS, PNG, pixel or vector files. OMG, what is the difference between a pixel file and a vector file? PIXEL? I just learned this word a month before - a Facbook pixel collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website. So what is this pixel file? Also, I didn't know what graphic I wanted for my slogans, so I put aside his suggestion and tried to look through my daughter's drawings, hoping I would find more that were printable. Some were pretty good but I needed a professional scanning company to help so that photoshop can do a better job on them. In the end, I gave up this idea. 👇🏼

I had no idea what to do next, I searched 'T-shirts' online and found millions of inspiring items. I went to Fiverr again and eventually overcame my fear of their tech terms. I finally understood their descriptions and was ready to place my first order. I left messages with different designers - some replied and some ignored me. Perhaps my slogans were very controversial or my questions were stupid.

I finally found a designer who was new to Fiverr, I thought I should support him by placing an order. He and I were both new to the platform and, as mentioned, I don't like to read instructions; on the 2nd or 3rd revision, he kept asking me to send him an 'offer'. What offer? I had already placed an order with him - what else did he want from me? Offer him a drink🤣🤣🤣? I learned afterward that an "offer" meant an order placed by a customer.

An offer
Neither he nor I knew the rules; in fact, he shouldn't have accepted my order thru the inbox. I assumed that I would pay only after the order was complete. Having been a housewife for so long, I was cautious about money, knowing it's always safer to do C.O.D. (cash on delivery)😅😅. In fact, I needed to pay first and let Fiverr be our middleman: they would pay the designer only when I approved the order. At last, I really did C.O.D.😅 This designer was very patient with me and trusted me. I, however, didn't know how to express the design I wanted, meaning we went thru so many revisions that I ended up really feeling bad for him and taking whatever he made. It's not that his design was bad - just that I had a problem conveying my ideas.  

My conclusion is: before you really want to help others, make sure you know what to do first. Here's a thing I think I may help him: his username is 'osama698', if you are looking for designers on Fiverr😁. 

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