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What's next?

What's next? 

I pulled down my generic store and rebuilt a POD store, I needed designs to print on the products, so I reviewed my daughter's masterpieces again, as I said before, child's art works are always masterpieces in parents' eye. Generally speaking, most of her artwork is amazing in my eye but printing on products may not work. Among all her drawings, I can only find 2 acceptable and printable designs.

Dog wolf wanna piece of me?

Not bad, right? But only two designs? Do I only sell two designs on every product? If you are not bored, I am. Sigh😓, I am not an artistic person, every piece of art like music, drawings or all kinda designs are not my strength. What should I do next? I have built up the store, I don't want to give up. And at the same time, someone advised me not to do this business, it's not easy, blah, blah, blah. 

"You got a dream you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves they tell you, you can't do it. If you want something, go get it, period." - Will Smith

Being a mother for so many years, I have been so focusing on the children that I lost myself. And now, I find something I really wanna try, I must hang in there, although gigantic challenges are ahead of me.  

Thanks to Bahi again who is my private grammar, technical and photoshop guru, he introduced me Fiverr, I can hire designers for my ideas. Honestly, I don't have yet ideas to them. I randomly picked one designer but I didn't know what he was talking about, what's PNG? What's enhance detailing? What's a vector file? I needed to search most of the words on this page on Google to understand the content. 

Understanding the rule of game wasn't a big issue to me, I just needed more patience and time, but giving them the ideas what to draw was tough. Thanks to social media, I receive massive protest news around the world. Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Albania have all seen major demonstrations; France, with its yellow vest movement; Spain, in the restive region of Catalonia; Hong Kong with the Extradition Bills; Belarus, South America, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have experienced popular unrest. The list goes on. 

Suddenly, I came up with ideas of making some designs for protestors that hopes are ahead of them, their persistence will win the battles. That's the best thing I can do for them, I can't give them money, I am not Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. Following this guideline, I have loads of ideas. Most of the designs are inspired by Hong Kong protestors and to encourage them, they should never give up their beliefs even though China has overstepped in trying to curb Hong Kong’s autonomy more obviously. They will continue to flood the streets of Hong Kong week after week and refuse to be silenced, even if no one else will stand up on their behalf, but Wuhan coronavirus (China Outputs Virus In Dec, 2019 - COVID-19) stops them for the time being. 

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